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The National Academy for Science & Skills
NASS is a partner for continuous development working with both companies and individuals.

National Academy for Science & Skills - NASS
NASS is an innovation-focused, people-centered organization specialized in training and continuous development located in a state of the arts facility in Engineering Square Industrial Park in the Sixth of October City. NASS offers professional qualifications that empower a competitive workforce with professional, innovative, and technical capacities to become effective leaders and producers 
NASS programs are designed to enable both companies and individuals to embark on continuous development paths that lead to higher productivity, innovation, and global competitiveness. 
NASS programs are developed and supervised in collaboration with elite international partners from Germany making them recognized internationally for their quality and professionalism. NASS offers professional degrees and certificates in the following specializations:
  • School of Automotive Technology
  • School of Industrial Technology
  • School of Construction Technology
  • School of Facility Management
  • School of Renewable Energy Technology
NASS Services to Companies

NASS partners with Enterprises to develop innovative, production-focused, human resource solutions that assist them in their growth and development.  The common objective is continuous growth and competitiveness through a more productive, efficient, and innovative workforce. NASS offers a variety of services to prospective enterprises: 

  • Tailored Company Training Program - to develop a comprehensive program for human resources based on the company’s performance goals and resources.
  • Qualified New Labour Program - to provide productive enterprises with new labour that is ready to produce.
  • Innovation Culture Program - to assist companies to introduce innovation as a culture into their business environment.  
NASS Services to Individuals

With the labour market NASS works with industry to identify the most relevant market needs and designs for them the relevant qualifications programs so as to open paths for growth and development for motivated individuals. Aspiring youth will find with NASS a number of channels opening the doors to promising career paths:

  • Young Entrepreneurs Program - empowering promising future entrepreneurs, providing them with the training, qualifications, guidance, and support to start their own businesses and succeed.
  • New Professional Career Path Program -  qualifying Professional Technicians who are well versed in the language of modern industry and who can embark on a career path with open prospects of growth. 
  • Certified Technical Professional Programs – aspiring individuals can choose to qualify for the international certification programs in Germany and become eligible practice their profession abroad.