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Belbeis Regional Ring Road

This project consists of the construction of the new Freeway Urban Ring Road from the 10th of Ramadan city to Belbeis City, with a total length of about 27 km.  The road consists of 8 lanes (4 in each direction), in addition to a 4 lane service road (2 in each direction) with all layers (30 cm thick aggregate base course, 7 cm thick bituminous base course, 6 cm thick binder course, 5 cm wearing course).  The work includes all civil construction works such as culverts, reinforced concrete bridges on pile foundation with a length of 20 thousand meters & a diameter from 60 to 100 cm.  The work includes concrete barriers, side slope protection, lighting works, traffic & ambulance centers.

Engineers & Contractors


  • 8 Main lanes, 4 Service lanes, Bridges, Culvert and tunnels, Electrical lighting.
  • Considered to be  the biggest contract in terms of value signed by the General Authority for Roads and Bridges with a private company up till 2009.