SB13 Cairo Sustainable Building Conference.
Mar 25, 2014

SB13 Cairo is a part of a Regional sustainable building (SB) conference series held in a different country each year. It was held in Egypt this year because of the new era and transition of democracy that makes the country aspire for a better sustainable community.

It was held on the 6th and 7th of November 2013 at the Fairmont Hotel. Eng. Ibrahim Mahleb, Minister of Housing, utilities and urban development gave the opening speech at the conference; he clearly stated the great influence that sustainable building will have on Egypt.

Samcrete has been advancing in sustainable building systems since 1963 and continues to strive in the field, which is why Samcrete was the Gold sponsor of the event.

Ain Shams University – department of urban planning, the German university in Cairo - Architecture and urban design, together with the international partner, the state academy of art and design Stuttgart and the German Arab chamber of industry and commerce were the esteemed organizers of the event.




50 Years of Investment
Dec 17, 2012


Press Release


“50 years of Continuous Investment in the Future”


Celebrating its Golden Jubilee, Sami Saad Holding inaugurates the National Academy for Science & Skills.


Cairo, 12-12-2012                            


Sami Saad Holding celebrated its 50th anniversary by inaugurating the “National Academy for Science & Skills, (NASS)” in IDG’s Industrial Park in the Industrial Zone in the Sixth of October City.   “NASS” opens up new channels & career paths for youth in specializations that are critical for modern industry in cooperation & partnership with international accredited institutes & foundations to empower young minds to become globally competitive & productive players in the economy. 


                Investing in Egyptian youth is the underlying drive behind creating NASS.  Its schools cover Industrial Technology, Automotive Technology, Building Construction Technology, Facility Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  Besides offering companies human resource development solutions, NASS is internationally benchmarked & accordingly prepares its graduates to sit for international certification examinations in the specific fields of expertise, thus opening doors to the international markets.


NASS is geared with international & local partners to offer proper world class vocational training & education to the market in the region such as Siemens, Steep, ABZ, the Industrial Training Council and Masr El Kheir Foundation. 


Sami Saad Holding believes that investing in Human resources is the cornerstone for any progress and development.  In this context cooperating & partnering with reputable international entities reflects trust in the Egyptian counterpart & in the long-term economic prospects of the country.  Human Resource development within Sami Saad is a pivotal objective achieved through innovation, the promotion of work ethics & values as well as training the labor force with the latest methods, equipment and modern technology.


                Eng. Sami Saad, the Chairman, noted that the real investment is in the team that is why this institution, which comprises around 20 companies in different domains such as Automotive, Engineering & contracting, Food & Beverage as well as Hotelerie, is considered to be a Human Resource Factory.


                The Vision & the ability to transform it into a reality is the roadmap, and thanks to this combination Sami Saad Holding is celebrating its Golden Jubilee & looking forward to another Fifty years of Continuous Investment in the Future.



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IDG welcomes Elif Plastik as a new client
Sep 30, 2012

In Ankara on Sunday 30/09/2012, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Morsy President of Egypt, Eng. Karim Sami Saad Chairman of IDG signed the initial contract with Mr. Selcuk Yarangumelioglu Managing Director of Elif Plastik, to establish their new factory at e² Industrial Park.

Elif celebrates its 40th year of establishment with a key stone investment in Egypt representing its global and diverse culture and inspired by its purpose, being an unrivalled packaging partner serving 360° tangible excellence for its customers all over the world with continuous innovation and sustainable practice.

Elif decided invest for its new state of the art flexible packaging plant in Egypt with investment in the first stage equals to 40.000.000.-US$.

This new plant will be built with the same concept of Elif's global benchmark factory in Istanbul. Reflecting Elif's sustainability culture, the project represents a significant Greenfield investment by Elif in Egypt.

Elif aims to start production by the end of 2013. Elif will install flexible packaging state of the art facility with the latest technology in e² Industrial Park which is the most organized and well structured industrial area in Egypt.

The AFCCA Event at the Engineering Square
Jun 2, 2013


On the 2nd of June 2013, the Engineering Square Industrial Park ( e² ) hosted the members of the African Federation for Construction Association (AFCCA) at its premises in 6th of October city.

The delegation consisted of 10 members from Benin, Ghana, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Mauritania, South Africa and Libya; accompanied by Engineer Hassan Abdel Aziz, the President of the Egyptian Federation for Contractors and Ambassador Ibrahim El Chowemi Secretary of the AFCCA.

During the visit members of the delegation have visited the headquarters of  (e²) where they were briefed about Sami Saad Holding and it’s activities: Construction, Automotive, Food & Beverages and Hospitality.

They visited one of the factories’ building system plants at the industrial zone and were impressed by the production lines and the high technology managed by Egyptian engineers, technicians and workers.

The tour was concluded by a visit to the “National Academy For Sciences and Skills”(NASS), which is Sami Saad Holding’s latest contribution to the industrial community; where students of different schools were observed as they practiced different learning tools.

Nass Schools and Fields of Specialization are: School of Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Construction Technology, Facility Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

An agreement protocol was agreed to be signed between the Egyptian Federation and NASS to cooperate in developing the capabilities of people to help them in discovering and developing their talents and knowledge in their fields and introduce them to the use of technology and enrich their capabilities.