• Precast portable base footing; placed at zero level weighing 1.08 ton to guarantee stability, connected to precast column connectors satisfying several heights & corners.
  • Installing Precast pre-stressed Hollow core slabs with double face strands to resist all pressure types affecting both sides.
  • One piece precast column connected to pre-stressed base can be used to overcome critical soil obstacles.
  • Environmental friendly product
  • Portable & flexible fence, can be easily modified or removed
  • Can be used as road barriers.
  • Installation capacity of 400 ml / 8 hours / 1 crane / 1 crew
  • Spans of HCS up to 6 m
  • Qualified for height up to 3.6 meters, 3 horizontal hollow core slabs.
  • Choose from different colors & textures options. 
  • Stamp your logo & data.