Vision & Mission
To be a pioneer Engineering Power House, building trust through sustainability and quality with an eye on regional market and global expansion. To be a world-class organization, with a diversified portfolio of sustainable businesses that serve our community and enhance people lives.
We are an entrepreneurial firm committed to develop businesses with high integrity for the good of our stakeholders. To inspire our markets and clients with quality products and services, valuing creativity and ensuring sustainability. Cherish human relationships is our most valuable attribute and always welcoming professionals to our trustful family environment.
our commitment
To Egypt
Committed to building our country and developing modern solutions to be aligning with the nation’s strategic vision.
To People
Committed to our people in developing their skills and their professional growth and committed to nurture people’s life experience through as part of our social responsibility.
To Institutionalization
Committed to transform the what-started as a family business to separate entities managing their own with an array of expert stakeholders.
To Compliance
Committed to applying the rules of corporate governance and conforming to the laws.
Six decades ago, in 1962, Sami Saad & Co. was established, they started their road-trip with construction business. When Sami Saad & Co laid its first concrete foundation in 1962, Egypt was in the throes of a revolution. Its agricultural sector had already come under state control and now Gamal Abdel Nasser, the country's most iconic president, was nationalizing the industrial, financial and commercial powerhouses which drove the economy. Private industry was being co-opted by state planning authorities, but Sami Saad decided to establish a contracting firm with three partners, which he would spend five decades transforming into one of Egypt's largest holding companies. In the last sixty years, Sami Saad cultivated a culture of loyalty and dedication at the heart of everything we do, and then drove us to diversify our business in collaboration with local and international partners. Today the holding company operates across four sectors: engineering and contracting, automotive, food and beverage, and hospitality with more than 30 operating companies. Sami Saad led us forward and then let us go, transforming his family business into a firm no longer limited by the capabilities of the latest generation.